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    Topic originally created by JeffLit on October 27, 2009 10:16 AM and viewed 2956 times in the old forum.

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    Originally posted by JeffLit on October 27, 2009 10:16 AM
    I recently received a question about the "ranks" assigned to members in the forum. The ranks are determined via a ladder system based upon the number of contributions (posts) each member has made to the forum. Here are the current levels:
    Newbie (0 posts)
    Proprietario (10 posts)
    Meccanico (30 posts)
    Spettacolari Meccanico (100 posts)
    Ingegnere (200 posts)
    Administrator (me)
    We are fortunate to have 4 Ingegneres in our mist today: Aaron, Ian Levy, JBishop, Michael Bayer, and Mike Meehan.
    We also have 5 Spettacolari Meccanicos.
    I know that I speak for all the members when I say "thank you" to those who so selflessly share their knowledge and expertise with the rest of us.


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      Newbie has been renamed to Novizio.

      If you lost your ranking in the move from the old forum to the new forum please let me know and I will reinstate you.