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    As many of you know my car was up for sale last year but no nibbles. So, in the immortal words of Bluto from Animal House - ROAD TRIP! Tom Yang and I are planning on driving it from Providence to Pebble Beach this August. I registered the car for Concorso Italiano and also was accepted to The Quail - amazing when you think I have painted bumpers and a nice driver-quality presentation. Guess they liked the comment that I was driving 3200 miles to attend! Anyway, the trip plan is still fluid although our goal is to arrive in Monterey by August 16th. Hopefully the car will be up to the task (undergoing total engine rebuild at the moment) and it would be fun to meet other owners along the way. I will post our timetable and route details as they evolve.

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    That's awesome. You are to be congratulated for using your car as intended. Please post your route. If you decide to pass through SoCal on the way I'll be sure to catch up with you.


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      I moved this from the For Sale board to Events...


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        Thanks Jeff.


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          Time for an update on the Road Trip.

          My engine block is still out being rebuilt and hopefully will be back at IFS shortly for completion and time for a break-in. We are planning to start the drive August 8th to arrive in Monterey by the16th. I have not talked to Tom Yang about the route but suspect we will head out northwest from Hudson NY through the Catskills then west towards Chicago before looping south towards Columbus OH and either Route 80 west or maybe a slice of Route 66 for fun. Our trip also parallels Bonneville Speed Week and one side trip will be a day at the Flats to watch the action. We have a few other cars of various kinds joining us on the trip - safety in numbers is good on long vintage car trips!

          If my car is not ready in time plan B will probably mean taking Tom's 330 America - but he has to finish rebuilding his transmission in time!

          To celebrate this trip I registered as a lark at Tom's suggestion for The Quail car show on 8/17 - and was accepted! Anyone attending come say Hi. Tom is also hosting his annual cocktail party at the Quail Lodge in Carmel on the pool patio behind Edgar's Restaurant that evening from 5:30- 8:00 PM- cash bar and hor's d'eouvers - stop by and chew the fat with a lot of other vintage car folks.


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            Sadly, the Road Trip is cancelled - I talked to Tom Yang today and told him I am cancelling our trip. My car will not be ready in time because the engine had more troubles than originally thought. Also my health took a turn for the worse as my right hip needs replacing. I got a new left hip in March and the right as supposed to be OK for a year but lasted only 3 months before becoming quite painful. But all is not lost, we are going to drive out next year so all of you that would like to join us have time to prepare.!




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              Sorry to hear that Sam.


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                Thanks Jeff - A confluence of bad happenings. The nice thing is my left hip responded quickly and the right will too when operated on in January. Tom is still driving out but now with a friend from Hagerty Insurance in a 308.