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What have you done with your C4 today?

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  • What have you done with your C4 today?

    The weather is perfect in the Northern Hemisphere. Inspired by Sam and AH53, I moved some cars around and lowered 15505 yesterday. Embarrassingly, I hadn't driven her in a few months but she started right up as always. I'm always amazed at how good a car it is. With just a quick dust off and window cleaning my wife and I set off up the coast to Sunset Blvd and the Hotel Bel Air for a wedding anniversary brunch (I've had the car for more than 25 years but married longer than that). A perfect car and a perfect day.

    What are the rest of you doing with your cars?

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    FCA Southwest Region annual picnic in Palos Verdes yesterday. About 70 Ferrari, including 3 365 GTC/4s (14633, 15505, 15611). I didn't take any photos but someone shot this one of my car on the way in. Maybe the other members will post?