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Happy Holidays and color change

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  • Happy Holidays and color change

    Happy Holidays everyone!

    With the New Year the Emperor needs new clothes. My car needs cosmetic refreshment and time has finally come for a repaint. The car was originally Verde Medio Nijinsky (lime green), repainted sometime in the 90's to a close approximation of Amaranto (burgundy). Bumpers were painted the body color then and I think I am going to keep them that way because I like the overall appearance. I am not a stickler for originality (It's all about driving, not judging) and do not think I could repaint it Verde Medio despite it being a quirky 70's color and probably relatively rare. My taste falls down on the side of a dark blue, maybe Blue Scuro or Blue Notte. I would love to hear what the C/4 community thinks is the best color for C/4.



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    Hi Sam, when I last saw your car I thought it looked great.Maybe that's why that cop pulled you over instead of me or Tom. I tend towards the darker colors such as Blue or the dark gray.I saw Ian Levy's car in the dark blue and it was great. I also think they look nice in silver.It is a tough decision and while I doubt I would have ever picked my Marrone/Brown color I have come to love it and would never change.Please keep us posted! The very best of the holiday season to you and yours,Mike


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      I agree that the car looks good in dark blue but it is becoming quite popular nowadays. A quirky 70s green gets my vote.