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Happy Holidays and color change

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  • Happy Holidays and color change

    Happy Holidays everyone!

    With the New Year the Emperor needs new clothes. My car needs cosmetic refreshment and time has finally come for a repaint. The car was originally Verde Medio Nijinsky (lime green), repainted sometime in the 90's to a close approximation of Amaranto (burgundy). Bumpers were painted the body color then and I think I am going to keep them that way because I like the overall appearance. I am not a stickler for originality (It's all about driving, not judging) and do not think I could repaint it Verde Medio despite it being a quirky 70's color and probably relatively rare. My taste falls down on the side of a dark blue, maybe Blue Scuro or Blue Notte. I would love to hear what the C/4 community thinks is the best color for C/4.



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    Hi Sam, when I last saw your car I thought it looked great.Maybe that's why that cop pulled you over instead of me or Tom. I tend towards the darker colors such as Blue or the dark gray.I saw Ian Levy's car in the dark blue and it was great. I also think they look nice in silver.It is a tough decision and while I doubt I would have ever picked my Marrone/Brown color I have come to love it and would never change.Please keep us posted! The very best of the holiday season to you and yours,Mike


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      I agree that the car looks good in dark blue but it is becoming quite popular nowadays. A quirky 70s green gets my vote.


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        Jeff, I toyed with the idea of returning the car to it's original Verde Medio Nijinsky. It would certainly stand out and I suspect be one of few in the US in that color, but it definitely would not soften the impact of the bumpers (which I am replacing too as there is rot in the rear one) which is one of my criteria. Its official, the car will be painted this fall Blue Sera Metallic, light enough to hide some of the dirt accumulated on long trips (so I do not have be to become a salve to the wash bin), dark enough to meld with the bumpers. I might even ship it to Arizona (nope, I am not up for that drive this year) in November so my wife and I can cruise the area in style. We shall see.