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    Much to my surprise the Newport RI area is no longer just about boats. Two car museums opened in the last 5 years, the Newport Car Museum in Portsmouth RI and the Audrain Museum in Newport next to the Tennis Hall of Fame. They are very different in character and and both have a large number of cars and growing. Many of you may know that Jay Leno and Donald Osbourne are involved with Audrain definitely giving it the edge on celebrity status. Audrain started a Concours event in 2019. It did not meet in 2020 but 2021's show was quite large. Concours events cover 5 days and this year could be much bigger than last (there were about 1,000 cars including participants at a Saturday cars + coffee at Fort Adams) as they are definitely reaching out around the world for participants. Check out their website for more information. My car was accepted for display and will be participating in some of the events. Come on by and say "Hi".