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Silver Euro C/4 on Ebay

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  • Silver Euro C/4 on Ebay

    Topic originally created by Les on April 7, 2007 10:11 PM and viewed 2688 times in the old forum.

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    Originally posted by Les on April 7, 2007 10:11 PM
    Ebay Item number: 320100145473. Anyone we know? Looks mostly right, except for the unfortunately placed rear side marker lights. And the rear is sinking. The antenna switch requires replacement. Looks like the Dash and console have been covered in vinyl. The front seats have been swapped left to right (the upper seat back release levers should be to the outside of the car). I do not recognize the radio. The ledge portion of the inset in the rear panel was painted black with the inset itself, a common mistake during repaints of the C/4. Didn't Euro C/4's come with shoulder straps? For that matter the buckles do not look original, kinda sixties like. I don't see a choke cable. Or am I being too picky?


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      Originally posted by JBishop on April 10, 2007 11:40 AM
      The car looks like one for sale by Chequered Flag in LA about 3 years ago. It was silver with Euro front side lights and US rear side lights. It was very tired with red carpets. I notice that the carpets in this one at Family are brand new. Maybe its the same car. I contacted the people at Family and they told me the car was imported brand new into the US. My question is why the Euro front side lights and the engine looks Euro?? John


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        Originally posted by JeffLit on April 10, 2007 3:02 PM
        If you can recall the s/n of the car offered by Checkered Flag you can compare to this one. Probably the same car. Hard to imagine two cars with the same mis-matched side markers. The car at Family that was just on e-bay is 15865. I added it to the gallery and the registry . As for being too harsh, David Romer and I have had a little game of nit-picking "for sale" cars apart based on photos. It's a perverse little hobby but kinda fun. I think Les might be an honorary member of our little club as he did a good job of noticing things on this one. I didn't see the lower shelf of the rear valance as black until he pointed it out. I would add missing fog light bolt hole covers, looks like wrong antenna base, mushed driver's visor, concur on the missing shoulder harnesses (bolts are in the pillar), leather on steering wheel very tired, kick panel lights not on with door open (maybe battery disconnected), unusual bolts instead of pins on clevis for hood struts, wrong radiator hoses ad clamps, replacement thermonstat housing, alternator wiring looks modified, front half of vent hose replaced with incorrect material, wrinkle paint of driver's cam cover peeling, looks like orange peel or something on black at base of windshield, and I really want to know what that microphone on the keey chain is for. Overall not that bad really. But definately a Euro car.


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          Originally posted by JBishop on April 10, 2007 5:45 PM
          Gees Jeff. Do you have too much time on your hands?? You're a tuff guy. I woud not like to try a sell you a car. Anyway the car that was for sale 3 years ago was very tired, so maybe someone has "tarted it up" a bit but the fundamentals are still not too good. I will try to see if I have any records of the serial number of the car I was looking at 3 years ago to see if it is the same serial number. Definitely I was told the car was imported new into the US back in 1971 and this car is a Euro model that has had US style rear lights added to comply with US regs. And the engine looks Euro to me, but I am no expert. Cheers John