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  • 14633 now on Bring a Trailer

    14633 BACK on BAT after being sold in 2020 to a buyer in Florida.
    Dealer description appears accurate and a good representation of the car's integrity and history. An interesting history indeed. Apparently abandoned in Saudi Arabia, rescued by a British gentleman, moved around several owners in Europe before coming the USA. I am bidding on the car, although not particularly fond of red. The shields have to go, the dash isn't mousehair, the compression check is good but not great. I know of 7 C4's for sale at the moment, some of which have been available for 2+ years.
    I had 15693 for 13 years, so know what to look for on the cars. Used to be pretty active on this site until I sold the car in 2014. Long story about that, which I won't go into now.
    Any members on this site have comments about 14633, I'd love to hear from you.
    Kind regards to all

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    Yes. Bid to 183k but not sold. The owner is local here in SoCal and has brought it to the FCA South Coast Botanical Gardens event a few times. He is also into Amphicars. I haven't spoken to him about the sale.


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      I bid it to 182 knowing the seller's website had it listed for 275. Guess it did sell, but for how much I do not know. It's no longer on the seller's webpage.
      Thanks Jeff.