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    Topic originally created by JBishop on August 15, 2005 2:38 PM and viewed 2092 times in the old forum.

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    Originally posted by JBishop on August 15, 2005 2:38 PM
    This is just for the archives/record for future owner reference. I had a slipping handbrake lever where the handbrake pin would slip over the gears in the handbrake if you just bumped it. I took it out and it all looked OK. In any case I took a small angle grinder with a metal cut off disc and ground the pin into a finer point. I tried a file but the pin is hardened metal and difficult to file. Of course you need to be careful with an angle grinder as it is very easy to take away metal but much more difficult to put back once removed!! I put it back in and now the handbrake is as good as new. As an asside I went to an Italian car garage 50 yards from where I work and every 60's and 70's Fiat in the garage (old 125s and 128s) ALL had exactly the same handbrake. Even a Maserati Merek and a number of Alfa's had the same unit. I was offered a good spare for $30. So before paying Ferrari prices check out old Fiat suppliers first for spares. John