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    Hi Dave ,the solenoid is a relay that on our cars is attached to the top of the starter. It carries the heavy current through the big cable from the battery.The small wire is from the ignition switch. When you turn the key the small wire from the ignition switch activates the solenoid ,magnetically, and picks up the current from the big cable to turn the starter motor.If not for relays you would need big wires/cables running from every switch instead of a more elegant wiring system. Best regards,Mike


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      Hi Mike,
      if the solenoid was bad, when turning the ignition, would there be zero current to the starter? Or will the current from the ignition (small wire) still pass to the starter giving it just enough to barely turn over creating a “weak battery feel” even though the battery fully charged.

      In other words, is the solenoid the only power source- either the solenoid closes and i get full current from the battery or if it stays open i get zero current regardless if i turn the ignition on?

      We may be getting close here.


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        Hi Dave , if the solenoid stays open no current will get to the starter but as with any electrical component time and heat are major enemies.The older any component is the more chance there is for resistance to build up due to wear, corrosion etc.Poor or dirty connections just add the problem. A little here a little there and eventually you have a major cascade of electrical resistance.So even with the key turned and you hear the click it does not mean all is well with the solenoid and starter especially when hot.I installed a small high torque starter years ago and it has worked great. Mike