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    New site up and running thanks to Jeff.Hope it is as good as our previous home. Mike

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    Thanks for being the first member to try the new site Mike.


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      And I thought Mike only used his computer once a month The site looks great so far Jeff and I had no problem signing in..

      Also, before I leave I thought you and Mike might like to know I am gearing up to drive the C4 from Providence to Pebble Beach next year. I am going to call the trip Cannonball Lite.



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        Sam, Cannonball Lite sounds awesome. I remember when Cy Yedor drove his 250 Boano from Los Angeles to Washington DC for the annual meet back in the 90s. Everyone was suitably impressed. I think he had to stop under an overpass at one point to wait out a hail storm. Hopefully, you'll have smooth sailing and someone will have a special award for you. I'm always impressed at the reliability of the C4.


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          Hi Sam,I'm using the computer more because I am fully in the holiday spirit.Unless someone corrects me you are the king of the C4 road trip!!! Good on you!!! All the best and I hope more folks chime in on this site.Happy Holidays,Mike


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            Thanks guys. Hoping some other vintage cars will join us. In the meantime the engine is out facing a water pump rebuild and low compression valve. Also going to tackle injecting some more goo under the front and rear window trim to try and seal water leaks.