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Backup light works and doesn't work

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  • Backup light works and doesn't work

    Backup light works and doesn’t work. I had a real problem here over the years. Recently when I checked the voltage to the socket input, there was +12v. So I scraped the light ground connection and this had no effect.
    Taking the bulb out there wasn’t any voltage on the center post. I removed the socket and couldn’t see any problem, reinstalled it and it worked.
    A week later it didn’t work. Just by chance I noticed the door warning and lower cabin light weren’t working. Passenger side worked. Hitting the button switch didn’t have any effect. Moving the interconnecting door cable caused it to start working. The backup light also came on. The problem appears to be solved by scraping the pushbutton switch body ground. Who would have thought the door switch would affect the backup light. I didn’t see the connection on the wiring diagram.