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Brake line routing

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  • Brake line routing

    I am managing some work a friend's 365GTC4. We have it all sorted out except for the routing of the brake lines around the LH exhaust. It appears as though they should go through the two offset holes in the front crossmember, but it doesn't on this car. It's now routed within an inch of the exhaust when it appears to me that several more inches can be gained by running the brake lines through the holes and then vertical to bend behind the aluminum heat shield. Photos of routing would be most appreciated.

    Looking for the wiper seal, o-rings and gasket for the 2 rear brake proportioning valves, too.

    If I can answer anyone's questions about '56 Continental Mark IIs or '32 Ruxton Sedans, let me know.

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    I have a GTC/4 here in Rochester (Michigan). It happens to be on a lift now, at my home. You're welcome to come by and look at the brake lines, which do run inside the sills. By the way, I believe I know the owner of the C/4 you're working on. Black car? ([email protected])




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      Yes, it's a black car. You likely know Marty. He's my friend and attorney.

      I was able to sort out the routing problem by looking at every photo in this site's galleries. I found 3 examples of cars with the unusual passageways but there are nothing in them.

      It appears some hackery was performed on this car. Someone replaced the metal fuel line with rubber leaving no room in the chassis member to run the brake lines so they were re-routed through the holes in the chassis. We are setting it right by replacing the two brake lines and the vent, return and fuel lines with new material. It looks like one of the sill trim screws poked one of the lines, causing the need to replace them.

      Thanks for responding, and we may take you up on the offer. Here's my build blog:


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        We've come up with another question. When we took apart the brake failure warning light switch we found a gelled substance in the switch plunger area. Is this just jelled brake fluid or a lubricant for the ramps?If a lube, what is it?


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          Hi Barry, not positive but I doubt that it is some kind of lube.Mike