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  • Headlight Flash Function

    I just received my turn signal switchgear unit back from restoration and one function doesn't seem to be working correctly.

    When the headlight pods are up and just the fog lights are on, and I pull on the stalk, the low beams flash on (which is correct).

    But, when the low beams are turned on and I pull on the stalk, sometimes the high beams flash and sometimes they don't, apparently depending on how I apply pressure when I pull. SO, THE QUESTION IS: When the low beams are on and the stalk is pulled, are the high beams supposed to flash on?

    Yes, it seems that after 6 years of ownership I should know the answer, but I just never drove the car at night. And the owner's manual isn't entirely clear on this--it refers to high beam flashing, but not low beam flashing.

    (I realize there is no circuitry that would cause the high beams to flash (the "flasher" contact in the switchgear only activates the low beams through a relay), but perhaps there's a mechanical arrangement within the switchgear that trips the high beam setting when the stalk is pulled while in the low beam mode.)

    Don't know if it makes any difference, but my car is Euro spec.

    (By the way, I spent many hours trying to sort through this on wiring diagrams. The formal diagram by Paul Bennett was a great help, and the hand-drawn lighting schematic and associated text description posted by Wil Stevenson on this site in 2009 was outstanding--including a couple items that were incorrect on the Bennett diagram.)