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    I bought a Zampolli convertible three months ago and shipped it to the Uk. I am just preparing the car (mostly lights) to be be able to get an MOT (technical inspection) to be able to register the car. I have 40 years experience of car restoration but no knowledge of Ferrari. Where can I get a workshop manual preferably that doesn't cost eye watering amounts of money? I have a drivers handbook that came with the car which as you know only gives basic information.
    Robert Frost

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    Hello Robert,
    You need a Parts Book, which gives you exploded views of the mechanical parts, and an Angelo Wallace translation of the Workshop Manual.
    I have several of the Parts Books, and you can get the Wallace book from in the States, cost $130.
    It has a few errors on the timing diagrams, but is extremely good.
    Alternatively you can get the Italian manual on eBay, both originals and Marparts copies.
    I'm afraid that most Ferrari spares cost eye watering amounts of money !
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      Hi Neil
      thank you for the info. Can you please tell me where to get a parts book. You say you have several of them. Do you sell them? If so how much and how would I pay you. I looked at but couldnt find the Wallace book. Am I doing something wrong?



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        Hello Robert,
        Put "Angelo Wallace Manual" into Google, scroll down to "Ferrari Shop/Service Manuals at" and follow the instructions for a 1972 Ferrari 365 shop manual.
        I hope it's not an obsolete website !
        Perhaps someone in the States could comment.
        Send me a private message and I can help on the Parts book.


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          Sorry, it should be " Angelo Wallace Ferrari manual" into Google.


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            Take a look at the Books and Tools section of the Library on the site for more info on the available books:

            You can find the spare parts book on ebay too:

            1972 Ferrari books at: pe=%
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