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  • Mouse Hair Restoration

    A little while ago my windshield leaked (since fixed) rainwater into the interior dash leaving watermarks on the mouse hair covering. Anyone have thoughts on how or if I can restore the discoloration either to match the existing mouse hair that looks relatively new or to restore all the mouse hair to a similar black color?

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    If I am not mistaken mouse fur is similar to Alcantara & suede. These are the steps for removing water soluble stains I found Googling "How to remove water stains from Alcantara"

    Water Soluble Stains

    Fruit juice, jam, jelly, syrup, ketchup, chocolate, ice cream and mustard - Use a white towel damped in lukewarm water; rinse by dabbing with a damped white towel in clean water.

    Blood, eggs, excrement or urine - wipe with water at room temperature, rinse with clean water. AVOID the use of warm water because it will make this substances coagulate.

    Vinegar, tomato sauce, coffee or hair gel - Pre-treat with lemon juice, then wipe with lukewarm water, rinse by dabbing with clean water.

    Dabbing with warm water certainly will not hurt what is already there, and I would think you should not rub the material hard because it will become smooth.. An old clean tooth brush after all is dry helps to fluuf up the material. I hope this helps.




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      Hi Ray,after a good cleaning and making sure it is dry you might try a spray fabric dye.I have used some of these products in the past with great success.Mike


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        Thank's Sam & Mike. I think I will try the water treatment first then follow with the spray fabric dye if still meted. I have a few scraps of the mouse hair left over so I can try one of the pieces first.