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Which tool kit? Confused :)

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  • Which tool kit? Confused :)

    Hi was wondering if someone could help advise me, I own a 1972 GTC4 "Euro" version, and I am looking for a complete tool kit, questions is which one.

    On this site there is many amazing tool kits, so with so much choice I am a tad confused.

    I wanted to ask:

    Going off the non US versions had a spare headlight bulb, with that knowledge which be best for my 1972 GTC365/4 Non US version edition.

    - Toolkit variation 2 trays

    - Toolkit variation 2 brown trays

    - Toolkit variation 2 grey trays.

    Thank you for any help! If the above isn't right either, which would be best for my car. Thank you in advance.

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    Hi Marco,I may very well be wrong but I dont know if there is a positive on this question.Of the various briefcase type kits more than one type may have been supplied with our cars.I have heard from people far more expert than me that what was close at hand was placed in the car.Please dont take this as Gospel. Mike


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      Hello Marco,
      I think Mike is right in that whatever came to hand was used, but if it is any help, my RHD car has a case with two grey trays.


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        Hi Mike and Neil, thanks so much for the responses much appreciated! Very 1970's approach to building cars, gotta love it. Thanks Mike and Neil helps a lot.