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    Latest Forza mag indicates a C4 went for $330,000. Said it was platinum but made no mention of Classiche certification. Anyone know the car?I do not see many cars for sale but the few out there seem to be in the $200,000- 250,range. Mike

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    that would be me.
    so i guess i am no longer a member... jeff maybe an alum member?

    that said- i now have some misc parts for sale.
    One - .Us new old stock UNUSED middle section ANSA exhaust - these can go on either side.
    one rear bumper- very good condition BUT the inside of the ends are “bloated’” due to rust bubble. I can give detail pic’s
    2 old new stock CORRECT motor/trans mounts (with the metal plate in between the two rubber plates.
    1 older style water/oil pump housing - it can be useable
    Both sides oF US ansa rear end exhaust BUT with some rust holes - very small but there. I replaced them with new units from classic exhaust. Full mill steel “official” ferrari approved replacement the only stainless steel are the tips- they sound as original but the tips are not polished SS. Old ones look better- they have chrome.
    2 rebuilt rear load levelers- one failed after 6 months- a risk explained to me by member John Bishop. Both maybe bad at this point, but they look brand new.
    2 rebuildable front koni shocks
    2 rebuildable rear shocks

    I have some other misc parts

    I do need to thank all of the members here that have help me through the ownwership and maintence of these these completely MISS-UNDERSTOOD CARS. EVERYONE who owed or owns one acknowledges how wonderful these are to drive.

    i sold my car because I created a mechanically excellect car- but failed because i got absorbed and created a show car. I didn’t want to drive it - it was cosmetically flawless as well.

    i drive my mechancly perfect 308 gts- Yellow. But up close you see the several color variations of past repairs and repaints. I can drive this car anywhere without any concerns of people touching it, road rash. .... it’s not the same as a v12 or remotely close to the sounds of the C4 but i have reconciled with greater powers am ok with it.

    thanks Jeff for this site.

    Dave Bonenfant

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      Hi Dave,

      Sorry to lose you although I am sure Jeff will say you can certainly be an alum member. The great auction result certainly validates the time and effort you put into maintaining the car. Unless the it is gone to a hedge fund or museum maybe we will see the new owner here some day too.




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        Hi Dave, sorry to have you leave the C4 fold but sounds like the sale was a good transaction for you.All the best, Mike


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          Back in the old days I used to be hardcore about only having current owners on the forum but there is so little action in this forum now I don't kick anyone off. Ex-owners aren't riff-raff.

          Dave, you'll always be a friend and lifelong member of the forum.


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            Thanks Jeff,
            This forum and the wealth of knowledge on these cars by some of the hard cord contributors is truly valuable to an owner that is not a wrench turner by trade. I hope other owners jump on this -

            i’ll continue to sign in, if i can add any info i will.


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              Hi Dave, PM sent re; parts for sale. Mike


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                I have warm air blowing on my feet. Its coming from the round vent on the left-side wall just under the lever to pop the hood with..
                How do I stop this air?