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  • Mirrors

    I find.the stock righthand mirror on my car absolutely useless. I have never been able to get it where I want. Has anybody replaced them with a different style. I was thinking of the bullet Talbot mirror.

    Thanks Joe

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    I've never had a right side mirror. Not usually one on or cars.


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      Cannot tell from the picture but guess you might own one of the 31 right-hand drive cars made in which case it is factory stock. I have not seen any C/4's with different styles or placements but suppose you could try a vintage Talbot mirror. They are pretty small too and the mirror itself does not move all that much so it might be a case of having to change the mounting location on your car. I can attest to the uselessness of the mirror, especially on a multi-lane highway in traffic - my head feels like it is on a spindle trying to keep up with all the cars around.


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        Thank you both for your reply. It seems that there is no answer out there which leaves me having to find one. When and if I do I will report back.



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          I had the small Talbot on a mid-year vette for many years. It looked great, but the field of vision was terrible. I finally went back to the original mirror. The previous owner put large black 308 mirrors on the C/4 that worked OK but looked way out of place. I couldn’t wait to replace them with the single stock driver’s mirror and use my neck and rearview mirror. I recently saw a 4 headlight 250 GT 2+2 with dual Talbots on the fenders. Not sure how well they worked.but they look good.
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            Thank you, that was very helpful .