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Looking for an Australian Resident Ferrari Enthusiast

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  • Looking for an Australian Resident Ferrari Enthusiast

    Back in 2018 I posted a request for help in restoring a water stained mouse hair dash for my 365 GTC/4. Actually received a reply in 2020 from johnb007 that he had used an Australian product from Joseph Laddy, 58 Babbage Drive, Dandenong South, VIC, 3175, Australia, +61 3 9238 9888, "Waproo Raven Oil Leather Dye Black" with great success but unfortunately he was out of country without an expected return date due to the pandemic. Contacted the Joseph Laddy company, but they do not sell directly to the US. They suggested that I try eBay. I did find the item on but the seller does not post to the US. Looking for an intermediary that I might purchase the item using an Australian address and then have it shipped to the US in the same packaging. Willing to pay a premium to cover shipping, export tax, customs, etc. ++. Hope there is someone out their that can help.

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    Hi Raymond,I would not just give out a name but there is at least one person on this site from down under.If you look carefully you should be able to find out who it is.Look for right hand drive cars in the picture section. Good luck,Mike


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      Hello Raymond,
      As an alternative, you might try in Modena .
      I had my dashboard etc re=trimmed in material that Tony Willis (ex Maranello UK ) got me from Luppi, and I'm very happy with the result.
      It is perhaps a little blacker than I imagine the original. to be, but looks much better than the flat grey it replaced
      5 metres is enough to do everything.


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        Neil, Fortunately we had the opportunity to replace the original mouse hair (no hair left and yes it had grayed) several years ago. The issue is that their was a substantial leak in the front windshield that discolored an adjacent portion of the black mouse hair. It is really noticeable and received word that the above product blended perfectly with the dash covering to cover up the water stains.


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          Hi Raymond,
          Im happy to help you if you still need it, I'm based in Perth but that's no issue, please let me know.


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            Josh, Wow! That is fantastic. I checked with FedEx and I can send to you as an attachment a mailing label that you can print and place over the label from the eBay purchase box to send to me in the US. I will go ahead and purchase the item on and have it sent to you and then you can send it to me. This will be great as I cannot find it in the US and neither the manufacturer nor the eBay seller will post to the US. My email address is [email protected]. Let's continue with email exchanges as I do not want to publish any private information. If you are still up to the challenge, please send me a postal address that I can include with the eBay purchase. Big thanks again! Ray