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Wheel/ rim paint color

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  • Wheel/ rim paint color

    Hi guys,
    I'm currently restoring my magnesium wheels from my C4, can any one tell me what the correct paint color and code is, that would help me out.
    Thanks again

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    Hi Josh, there has been speculation on the proper color for some time.But I seem to remember a 70's Chrysler silver variation as being very close if not correct. Look on the inside or under the chrome ring for some unmolested or faded paint for a match. Dont forget the chromate primer for the mags. Mike


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      Hi Josh, when I resprayed mine I found theses threads which could help you:

      Wheel paint | FerrariChat
      Painting 330 GTC magnesium wheels | FerrariChat

      They deal primarily with the Ferrari Dino but the color could have been similar or the same as our GTC/4's.



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        Hi Josh, Just for reference purposed I had my wheels reconditioned/painted several years ago. The chromate primer is a must! Also I had the company clean an inside patch of the spare wheel .. not as much road usage ... and match the existing color using the widely available equipment that most paint shops have for this purpose. End product was great and who could actually discern after all these years whether it was a precise match or not. Seemed to be! Or use the above thread and paint with Acrylic metallized paint - gray 2427078 from Italy if you are a perfectionist. Ray


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          One other data point: I lost 1 point in an FCA concours because I painted mine w/ base/clear. Use a single stage paint system.