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  • Motor Weight 14837

    Okay. I admit I bought the C/4 motor from 14837 on BaT last month, and now it’s time to ship it. Before I proceed, two questions:

    Who owns 14837, and do you want this motor? If you can prove you own it, I’ll sell it to you for what I paid, plus actual shipping.
    If someone needs any of the loose bits and pieces that came with it, let me know. I could part with them. See them here:

    Then there is the shipping... the second question: Does anyone know, by chance, how much a the motor weighs? Have experience shipping the motor and have any advice or recommendations for California based shippers going between Costa Mesa and Napa County?


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    Hi Rick, As far as I known The Ferrari Market Letter, now published by Cathy Roush, [email protected], has one of the best data bases of all Ferraris by serial number and current owner. I would send Cathy a note and see if she has information on #14837. Ray


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      Hi Rick, Marcel Massini is the go to guy. He provided info on my car years ago. I have no contact info but he posts frequently on Ferrari Chat. Good luck,Mike


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        14837 has been highlighted in the customization section of It is highly modified, sporting a 412i motor. Thus, the current owner is not interested in the original motor.


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          Thanks. I realize that the chassis was highly modified. It was just my theory, perhaps a flawed one, that the owner wished to have the original motor. One day, someone may want to reunite them. And as is often the case, “it’s cheaper to do it now than later”. I do have a theory that, like frozen yogurt and leg warmers, restomods will come and go. And someone will want that motor. I have my dad’s 1963 Austin Healey. He pulled the motor in ‘67, and put in a 302.... a poor man’s Cobra. I sure wish I had that original motor today... All the best, R