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  • Missing chassis section

    Hi guys,
    I have started on the restoration of a C4, the car has been in an accident and had a hit in the front section, I’m missing part of the chassis section and cannot seem to find any images anywhere, please let me know if anyone can help with some pics, also need to find a base panel 253-18-238-07
    I hope someone can help


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    What images do you need? There are a ton on my site Such as:

    Click image for larger version

Name:	suspension_front_15491.jpg
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      Click image for larger version

Name:	4D2195DD-A973-4255-953C-B9CE911BF583.jpeg
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ID:	9505 Hi Jeff, as you can see there is some damage that needs to be rectified, I cannot seem to fin and images online.
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        There are over 5,000 photos in the gallery and I was certain I had some of a car getting crash repair that had the wings and front valance removed but I can't find them. 15885 may help a bit. It has the front frame section but the body supports have been cut off. Here are some photos from my car. I had to remove my fiberglass radiator pan to get in there. Essentially, the two front rails in your photo are welded to a tube that goes across the front of the car, immediately behind the radiator. That tube has the two tabs to support the bottom of the radiator, as well as a bracket for the oil hoses. The tube is approximately 36.5mm in diameter and squished on the top to allow room for the thermostat housing near the lower radiator hose. At the ends of that round tube, there are square bar supports welded that go diagonally forward/up and others that go straight up. The inner fender liner attaches to the vertical ones. The ones going forward enter into the headlight area and form an X. There is another square bar across the front of the car in front of the radiator that supports the fans and overflow tank, as well as another at the top that supports the front valence. You seem to have all those square bars -- you're just missing the round tube that connects the frame rails to that lower rear corner of the X. The round tube is shown in the 15885 gallery. I hope that helps.

        Click image for larger version

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