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  • Main fuel line (hose)

    After multiple illnesses, I have finally got down to the valve shims and thought replacing the fuel hoses would be well-timed. I could find nothing in any Ferrari literature about the pressure line from the fuel pumps to the carburetor hard line. The diagram shows a hard line but it seems I find a cloth covered hose from the fuel pump hard line to the "T" between the carburetor hoses on my car. I appreciate any help!


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    Hello Bruce,
    It is a good time to replace old hoses, since most of them don't like ethanol.
    I replaced the main supply from the pump to the carbs with hose made by Gates..
    This goes along the sill behind the aluminium trim strip.
    On my car , whoever had fitted the trim had used self-tapping screws which were long enough to also pierce the hose !
    To pull the hose through, I used a firtree fitting bound with lock wire round the hoses.
    Then pull the old hose through, and the new one follows.
    Don't use any hose made with Buna rubber, since modern fuels leech through it , and you finish up with a smell.


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      Thank you!
      It appears to me that the hose goes through the hollow structural section frame just below the driver's door to which the black trim piece is screwed. Is that the "sill" you mentioned? Did you pull from the rear while pushing from the engine bay? Having dealt with replacing the polyamide fuel line traversing the tunnel of my 911, I was thinking of replaceing the hose with polyamide with end fittings compatible with 5/16 inch fuel hose and never having to face this issue again. What are your thoughts?


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        Yes, my "sill" is your hollow section.
        It doesn't matter which way you pull the hose through, as long it stays connected to the old one !
        I have no experience of polyamide, but having read about "automotive fuel hose" on , it sounds good.
        They also warn you about buna/nitrile hose leaving you with a smell but no leaks.
        Whichever way you go, I guess the solution will outlast us !
        Good luck,