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Door won’t open

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  • Door won’t open

    Unfortunately my passenger door was closed with the button down and now won’t open from inside or out. I’ve tried using the key but to no avail. Can I get the door panel off with the door closed. And suggestion of how to get the door open are welcome. After this I have to tackle headlights that won’t come on; but that’s for another day.



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    Had a look at my car, and it looks possible.
    Will mean a lot of leaning across the front seats with the handbrake lever in a painful position.
    The quarter light knob has a small grub screw.
    Can't remember whether you need to take of the long armrest, but if you do it has a screw underneath towards the rear.
    Good luck.


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      If you haven't removed it before, it might be wise to pull the driver side first. I think it requires slight rotation to come off. Couple of pictures from my door. Can you unscrew the push knob and squirt a shot of wd-40 and pull with needle nose. The mech's of lock were a pain to adjust and could be binding with old grease. Worst case you might have to attack the seat to get it out of the way. Or let a F shop do it.
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        Hi Joe. Can you move the button up and down? Try the key with gentle force while pulling the button and shoot some lube in the tumblers.Try to use both in and outside handles at the same time.Please keep us informed.Mike