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    When ignition is turned on the fuel pumps click rapidly and then slow down as float bowls fill.

    My question: What is other owner's experience if ignition is left on but the car isn't cranked. Do the fuel pumps continue to click or stop? Is continued clicking indicative of a leak or sunk float?

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    Mine always came to a stop, Kyle. Be careful leaving the fuel pumps running without running the motor. If the floats leak, you can fill a cylinder with fuel. If you try to start the motor and it fires.... the hydro-locked cylinder will bend a con rod. Do a search and you'll read about it and see a picture or two of the result. Not pretty. I believe there is a posting on this site about the subject.
    I personally turn on the ignition for a few moments and start the motor.... I don't wait for the pumps to stop "clicking".


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      GTC/4's have a return line back to the fuel tanks. This removes the need for a pressure regulator ( Webers don't like much above 2.5psi), and helps with vapour locks.
      So pump will click rapidly, then slow down and click occasionally.
      Car can still be a ........ to start when hot - a modern geared starter sorts that out.
      If a float is punctured you should notice with bad running.
      However, I have heard of solder being eaten by ethanol rich fuels.
      Not had a problem in the UK with 5% max fuels.


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        Thank you gentlemen; very much appreciated.