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  • Dipstick

    The factory technical bulletin # 195 shows that the distance from the top flange of the dipstick to the full mark is 501.5mm.
    Mine measures 510.5mm which is significantly lower.
    I've never had a problem with oil pressure, or temperature.
    Any thoughts ?

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    There is a technical service bulletin regarding incorrect dipstick measurements. Some C/4's got the correct dipstick and some didn't Both cars I have owned had the incorrect marks indicating Min and Max. My current car has an excellent history, including most oil changes. Safe to say that it has been overfilled by 1 quart for it's entire life. I used the TSB attached and corrected the Max mark on the dipstick. Interestingly enough, the new max mark is just above the original Min mark.
    In summary, your motor is probably fine, having been filled to the incorrect maximum mark for 50 years. I did change mine to reflect the measurements contained in the TSB, and finished the project by draining 1 quart of oil from the sump.


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      Thanks for the reply but my dipstick marks are 10mm lower than the TSB we both referred to.
      Your dipstick seems to have had the marks 10mm higher up the dipstick, from you saying that the new max mark is just above the original min mark.
      Curiouser and curiouser !


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        "you saying that the new max mark is just above the original min mark"

        Yes, that is the way the stick turned out when measurements were made based on the TSB. I used a small jeweler's file to scribe the new 'max' mark.
        Maybe you have a dipstick from another motor?
        Can you recall the quantity of oil used in the last oil change?


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          Never knew that, had to break out my wife's tape measure 50.1mm, US 15319. 19 quarts with filters


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            Thanks for the replies.
            I guess I need to keep to the full mark, and check the level when I next change the oil.


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              Wow , good to know...............made me check mine, all good.