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Looking for Some Expertise on DINOPLEX for the 365 GTC/4

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  • Looking for Some Expertise on DINOPLEX for the 365 GTC/4

    May want to take the final step towards total authenticity with DINOPLEX. Not sure if I will actually replace or just add for looks (maybe even a shell). Anyway can anyone confirm that Ferrari Part 95300202 DINOPLEX AEC101EA is the correct model? I know that I need two of them.

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    I believe the units are AEC 103 A. They are just capacitive discharge units, a la MSD. In fact I think someone puts MSD guts in the old boxes. Theoretically they amplify spark. I'm not convinced they are necessary. Non-US cars don't have them. Mine are bypassed. I run normal Bosch coils and converted from points to optical pickup. Runs great. My Dinoplexes are there for show only.


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      Jeff, Your are absolutely correct. The correct DINOPLEX units are the AEC 103 A. I too have replaced them with MSD units some time ago. Unfortunately when I originally purchased the C4 back in 1986 the DINOPLEX units had already been removed. Now looking to either add the empty "shells" for originality or add the DINOPLEX units with MSD internals and replace the hidden MSD currently on the car. This will be up to my mechanic who has worked on the car for many, many years. Thanks again.


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        Raymond, I forgot about this resource: of, a non commercial site documenting all aspects of the Dinoplex ignition systems by Marelli Magneti. Next to repair information and wiring sheets you can also find a list of alternative ignition systems as well as wiring charts for installation. Below is some conversation I had with Adrian Le Hanne [[email protected]] re our 103s:

        It is a work in progress and still beta, i have started with the AEC101 and are now working on the circuit and reverse engineering of the AEC103 (which is potted in epoxy, slowing down things considerably). Currently i am adding one new document every 2-3 weeks, so i should be able to populate all of the AEC103 grey links soon.

        You will find AEC 103 related information also in the "Alternative Ignitions" section, such as a pretty complete market overview of aftermarket ignitions and ignition and wiring setups to replace a defective AEC103 (see Bosch and MSD links).

        > Any chance of completing those dead links, such as how to diagnose or
        > how to replace with MSD guts?

        Yes, absolutely! The diagnose documents are still draft, but the first AEC103 conversion has been finished and is currently installed in five Ferraris. This is a Bosch conversion, which should look quite original, even to a concourse judge (as long as he does not measure the weight of the unit :-). The wiring is already document in the Bosch links section.

        Click image for larger version

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