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Rear half shafts and CV joints

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  • Rear half shafts and CV joints

    I have been chasing a noise from the rear of my car.Same frequency as tire rotation.Sounded like a bearing .Replaced them but still have the noise.Looking for best source for half shaft assemblies or just the CV joints themselves. Any thoughts. Mike

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    Hi Mike,

    You might try Algar, the old Maranello Concessionaires now called, or DK Engineering in San Diego.

    I suppose if push comes to shove Tom S. might have something kicking around, but used probably.




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      i’m chasing as well. A) I took apart my CV Joints due to a torn blatter and a noise.
      repacked my CV joints and it did not change the - noise/low vibration from the rear end. I was then concerned that maybe my CV joints were off.

      When i pulled them off and took them apart,
      I noticed that 2 of the four joints were not in the same oritation as various editorials i veiwed.
      They did not fell smooth when repacked, off the car and just moving them around by hand. I don’t know what they are supposed to feel-like. They felt notchy - just not smooth- when i moved them around by hand.

      i found a thread that the cv joint is also the same one on a Porshce. I bought a porshce CV joint but opted not to use it because it was just a bit thicker than the one i had. AND it did not feel smooth.

      I was told that perhaps the pinion gear is wore—— 1) does it make noise when turning? If yes Then maybe CV joints.. 2) if noise does Not change when turning and just continues in going straight- may be pinion gear/ differential.

      I’m just a do it your self guy- Accountant by trade- so I’m open for comments and help


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        Hi Dave,you should be looking at the noise according to rpm ,wheel speed etc. If the noise goes up or down with wheel speed look to something in the cv joint axel or wheel bearing area. The pinion speed is related more towards the engine speed and what gear you are in. BTW I located new CV joints . Mike