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    So my antenna cover or shroud (or whatever you want to call it) went missing last year -- I suspect it came loose over time and popped off at speed and likely in a ditch somewhere.

    Does anyone know A) what part that might be and B) where I can possibly find a replacement??

    The retractable antenna works fine. I just have big gaping hole that needs to be covered up (can't have rain going down that hole in the off chance I get caught in rain -- and it looks ridiculous as-is right now).

    Is it a Hirschmann antenna? If is it a certain model? Is possible a common part with Daytonas or more ideally a common Fiat or even a period Porsche 911? It's metal/chrome and black plastic and if I remember correctly there's a nut that screws onto the retractable part under the sheet metal (so 2 or 3 pieces possibly). I've looked around on eBay without luck and checked some various parts diagrams with no luck.

    I posted a picture below for clarity. Thanks in advance and enjoy the rest of the weekend!!!!!!

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    I'm not sure where you can source it, but here are some photos if that helps:

    Click image for larger version

Name:	H_396l_5f3XaFYpZFwytzS_lSt479QPPKoN5FSgu8hgcJyKK3JGQYgZchT2k1OgYq0KWaIc2-DEMULAYZtuMoYdEXzV9dMlarYYXdBePD9KYhM3GaN0biIk3YdrS5BlhjqH2gVlrcyfaxBxsQCE-AvVHvUpa2ULlBg6x1NJsPaewfOCYBWEuqgy4AS3OjB5eqxnWNkfx8T7vbSEsU7q2I2zjbrPL7ddO0mT01cards6X02uw18X0ULW2FWlHjrx
Views:	91
Size:	398.6 KB
ID:	9514

    Click image for larger version

Name:	BiPNn6V-lnRBnj9dEriF5g-wukWfltAp6EIPEbBNeGKNsY3e5572stshzCBzVY1-ArPLxBNQoSzcqnTKa3KIUD6dr9e_k_zIq3AYbcCLe7KLt6ESLBSSznV-OnbDFJ6X34XNQUPJT7lOe5ugjBOev8-L2QavrNhTEyNUrJhTkkq5TQJnqfLsXik0DJBIDe1Nll-TtCCM8OFZzmKjKhnPT3x7NseNJQYzR1CbKZI_IJovZXeyVx2W3-3XB4-ZoVr
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      Awesome, thanks Jeff! I can use this in my search in reaching out to parts supply sites!


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        You might try