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  • Kudos to Motion Products

    Topic originally created by Bill Mihalic on May 11, 2016 7:37 AM and viewed 434 times in the old forum.

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    Originally posted by Bill Mihalic on May 11, 2016 7:37 AM
    As I mentioned in my post yesterday regarding my clutch replacement, I was very satisfied with the performance of Motion Products up in Neenah, Wisconsin. I tend to get a little stinky when I'm not getting good service, but with MPI I never got in the "stink mode." The clutch was the main reason for sending the car to them, but as we identified more things that could be addressed they gave me quotes and I added most of them to the To-Do List. Still, the total bill was relatively modest, yet I was treated like I was getting a big-bucks restoration. Toward the end of the work, I had enough confidence in them to authorize two days of electrical troubleshooting with no promised results; they were able to tackle most of the list and actually fixed 13 minor electrical gremlins that would have taken me a lifetime to sort out. My satisfaction comes from good performance in areas that are important to me: 1. For each issue they gave a clear, documented assessment of the criticality, along with a cost estimate. 2. In one expensive area (the flywheel) they suggested a much more cost effective option. 3. They had patience with my budget-related decision delays as well as occasional decision reversals and add-ons. 4. Their $/hr shop rate and hours-per-task were very reasonable. 5. Cost of transporting the car 500 miles each way was reasonable. 6. They made sure they got my authorization for every single item before proceeding on that item. 7. I received frequent communication and updates with a lot of detail. 8. All the items were completed per estimate (within 5% or better). 9. All the work was done competently. Sadly, the owner, Wayne Obry, passed away as work on my car was nearing completion, although that had no effect on the work. Dustin Wetmore oversaw most of the work on my car and was excellent. After Wayne died there was a reorganization and Dan Rhodes had responsibility for my car in the final month and was very good, also. Bill