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  • Interior Reupholster

    I live in the Northern Virginia area and looking for a reupholster that specializes in Ferraris and especially the 365 GTC/4. I need the entire interior reupholstered (seats, door panels including the door panel form, headliner, etc. and, of course, the floor carpet.) The mouse hair is relatively new but has water stains from a former leaking windshield. Not sure if it is repairable, i.e. removing the water stains. Looking for a true professional job that looks original. Anyone have some thoughts?

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    Hi Raymond, not sure about the location but Rich Garre of Radcliffe Motors in Reistertowm Md might be able to help.Rich knows all the players in the area and is a straight shooter.Good luck,Mike


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      Gary Maucher, Pebble Beach cars, redid my C-4 so he knows the routine. Expensive but quailty work. I think it took about 5 months since he has several jobs going at the same time .


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        Thanks everyone for the posts and advice. I had also contacted Kendall Merritt at Dew Motorcars. They did all the maintenance on my 365 GTC/4 before they went exclusive. Between Kendall and Chuck Wray of Grand Touring who maintains the car today, we narrowed it down to Anthony near Westchester, VA. Chuck will pick it up, do some pre-upholstery repairs, then turn it over to Anthony. Thanks again for the suggestions.