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    On or about 10/31/19 a transport will arrive in Providence to take my car down south to be painted. Tom Yang is helping with this project and recommended Farrell Creation & Restoration ( ) in Moorseville NC.Their website has pictures of a total restoration of C/4 they just completed. The repaint is going to be in Blue Sera (currently is fake amaranto ) rather than return the car it's original Verde Medio Nijinski - a little out-there for me (and I suspect police too . I find it rather amusing that an Italian Stallion is heading into the heart of NASCAR. Mooresville is " Race City USA", the home of numerous race shops like Wood Brothers, Penske and JR Motorsports.

    The engine bay is in good shape and the motor just rebuilt so that can stay in the car and keep the costs down somewhat. I have not talked to Tom Farrell yet but I will get pictures along the way which I will try to share.



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    That's exciting. Blue looks great on these cars, although I think Nijinski is a stunning color, also. And so very 70s.


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      The car has left for Mooresville


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        OK, it's time to show you the progress on painting 14953. Here are some pics for you to enjoy. Note the one with the two colors showing - the green is the original verde medio nijinsky and i believe only 17-19 cars came out this color so relatively rare. At this point 4 layers of paint removed (3 red and 1 green), body is straight, no rust issues to speak of and only a bit of bondo used in one headlight bucket - all good news. Note also the engine was left in the car because that compartment is fine.


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          Here is another update -