Here is a summary of my challenges in obtaining a bottle of Raven Oil Black. Hopefully when you get back to Australia you can help me find a solution.

I sent the following email to sheepandleatherstuffwho lists Raven Oil on "A fellow Aussie, John B of Melbourne, suggested that I buy this item to remove the water damage stains to my vintage dashboard. He has had excellent results. Unfortunately Joseph Laddy does not sell to US customers and apparently you do not post to the US either. I could ask John if he could be a middleman but hope that you would reconsider using eBay (International Gateway) to ship this item to me in the US. eBay handles everything as I have shipped Internationally several times. I would like to order two (2) of the above and prepared to pay using almost any method, i.e. PayPal, venmo, etc. Hope you will make this one exception. Will pay any and all shipping & customs. Rayz'

Also the following correspondance:


It appears that Joseph Laddy does not sell to the US. I did find it on eBay - Australia under and I would have to create an eBay AU account (that would be no problem, I think??) but again the seller indicates that they do not post to the US. I can create the new eBay account (necessary to send the seller a message asking if he would send to the US but I have my doubts.

It would appear that this is the product that I need.

Waproo Raven Oil Leather Dye Black 500Ml (see attached JPG)

Any thoughts and/or assistance would be sincerely appreciated. Cost is really not an issue.

Ray Baxter
1800 Fallbrook Lane
Vienna, VA 22182
001 703 725 7411

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Hi Ray,
Sorry I didn't see your previous email. Unfortunately we do not sell to the United States, however you may be able to find it on eBay.

Kind Regards,

Mikaela Orr
Customer Service Representative

T (03) 9238 9888
F (03) 9238 9899

Waproo Pty Ltd
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Joseph Lyddy,

I received the following messages from John B. regarding his ability to restore the water damage (graying of the black mouse hair) on his 365 GTC/4 Ferrari. The URL he sent me from the 365 GTC/4 Forum does not seem to work nor can I find the product on your website. I did send a previous message via your "send us a message" dropdown but have not yet received a reply. Hope that you still have some of this available for purchase. Seems like the only viable alternative versus replacing the mouse hair cover for the dash.

Look forward to your reply. Thank you in advance for your assistance in this matter.

Ray Baxter
1800 Fallbrook Lane
Vienna, VA 22182
001 703 725 7411

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Dear RaymondSBaxterIII,

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Raymond Sorry I'm in Tasmania and the dye is in Melbourne and I can't get there because of Covid19. If you can leave it for a few months till I get there I can give you the information. It made my dash look new. You must tape up anything that you don't want dyed black eh the headliner. Put plenty of covers on the seats too.


Posted by: johnb007
On: 08-15-2020 12:50 AM

I was able to get the information remotely.

The stuff you need is called Raven Oil.

I ordered it online from here but you should be able to easily get it from a US site. Joseph Lyddy is a famous leather product manufacturer.


It darkens slightly with each coat and I think I applied 3 or 4 coats.

It marks everything it touches, so be careful handling it and mask off any light coloured bits near the dash. Wear rubber gloves, soak the raven oil into a piece of soft rag, then gently wipe over the dash in a circular motion. I can't remember the drying time between coats but I think I left it overnight.

My dash was very water stained. Now it looks absolutely brand new.

I have been told it is also very good on tyres, hoses, cam covers, etc but I have not used it myself on those things.

All the best,
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